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Before receiving massage/body polish/foot or leg treatment...

...please keep the following in mind:

*Shaving prior to a massage or body polish can cause irritation to the skin. You should shave AT LEAST 24-48 hours before receiving bodywork services. Also, in case you have an open cut, it may bleed or be unprotected from having germs rubbed into it. Cover any open sores or cuts with a band aid and let your therapist know of the location.

*Please do not apply scented lotions or perfumes prior to your massage. This not only interferes with your aromatherapy experience but your therapist may be allergic to what you are wearing. (You don't want a therapist with a runny nose or an asthma attack.)

*Pregnancy massages are not given during the first trimester of pregnancy. Please schedule your massage for after your 12th week gestation.

*Please inform us of any allergies you may have prior to receiving any services with us. (There is a place on our client intake form for this.) We use nut free massage oils/creams/lotions and only 100% pure essential oils. However, there may be peanuts and/or peanut butter in our facility as well as tree nuts etc. Please be sure to inform us so we can ensure there is no contact with any possible allergens.

*We offer a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere to reduce anxiety and stress. Please turn your cell phone off or put on airplane mode prior to entering our practice. This is so it will not disturb anyone that may be receiving a service and so that it does not disturb your service as well.

*When you book your appointment and will be using a gift certificate, please note that if you do not show for your appointment, your gift certificate will be considered redeemed and your reserved therapist will be paid for the missed massage or bodywork session. Kindly give a full 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule your appointment.